VERTIKAL PRO - gallery
Removal of fir tree in the yard in Aleksandrovac . Tree height 27m. The work was carried out for one working day .
Removal of Douglas fir in the yard in Belgrade.

Pruning plane trees involved in the cables in front of and inside the courtyard of the house in Belgrade.

Removal of conifers in the courtyard of
Restaurant - Gallery 27 in Belgrade.

Urgent removal of maple that, becouse of  digging the foundations, leaned to the street and even more embroiled in a network of cables . Works were carried out in just one day.

Removal of walnut tree in the yard in Belgrade.

Pruning linden in the courtyard of of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, which mainly part of   the crown was towering over the neighboring house. Due to clients special demands of work and size of the tree work lasted for four days .

For 6 years the owners of the cottage near river Tisa tried to find a solution for the removal of three poplar trees that were a serious threat for security. Then they found us. W orks lasted four days. Look how we were working.

Safe way of pruning and cutting trees in city area.