VERTIKAL PRO - about us

 VERTIKAL PRO is a company which deals with tree care in a professional way.

- Pruning trees, downsizing treetop. Sometimes, it is necessary for better safety of individuals or objects nearby, but also because of better look or lack of sunlight.

- Removing (cutting) trees in a narrow space. Cutting a tree in the wood is not such big deal, but the problem appears when a tree in a city area needs to be removed. When it's top grows through power lines, when there are buildings, monuments, or any other tree nearby it is necessary to cut it part by part, and it's important to control the landing of those parts. Every location is a separate story, but we always manage to find solution.

- Securing, immobilization of the week parts of the tree. This method is used with old, week trees with cultural background. The best illustration would be plane tree in the Topcider park.

- Healing trees, in cooperation with experts in landscape architecture and horticulture we reach the solution for each tree in particular.


While dealing with different kinds of requests, we use the appropriate equipment and technique which helps us to manoeuvre the cut parts of the tree safely, and also position ourselves on the tree itself, or around it. The equipment we use is attested and used in caving and climbing. Rope access helps you to avoid renting expensive mechanisation such as cranes, lifts, etc.
The equipment we use and the number of necessary men power gives us huge mobility.

Safe way of pruning and cutting trees in city area.